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>>> i'd just like to say i'm really deeply disappointed that it's come to this. >> bart is on strike and 400,000 commuters need to find another way to get to work. we have team coverage ahead. >>> and what are the roads going to look like? i think it will be a big mess. we will let you know what is going on in the commute. >>> we are live in oakland where the contract deadline for ac transit workers has expired. we'll let you know how that will effect bus rides today. >>> good morning. welcome to monday morning first day of july i'm pam cook. we are on early because we want to get to breaking news right away. we begin woman bart workers -- begin with bart workers on strike. first bart strike since 1997. that means 400,000 bart riders need to find another way to get to work or activities. alex savidge begins our team coverage from lake merit station in oakland. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, to you. bart workers have hit the picket lines this morning. i want to show you some. they have all the entrances to the station covered. this will be a common sight a
a total of about 2400 bart employees are on strike. that includes train operators, station agents and maintenance workers. there are talks between both sides broke down about 8:30 last night. the transit union, local 1555 and service employees international union local 1021. along with the picket lines, there will also be picket linings outside of many of the work yards, the bart work yards. now one striking bart worker told me a short time ago he feels bad commuters will be impacted by this labor dispute. >> how can you be ready for this? it's hard. it's hard for us. it's hard for everybody. >> reporter: now for their part, bart officials say they offered up what was a fair contract. their latest proposal they say included a 2% annual raise and reductioned contributions between health care and pension. i have reached out this morning to spokes people several spokes people and left messages but at this point i have not yet heard back. but we do understand in speaking with union representatives at this point there are no new negotiations scheduled for later on this day. this bart s
. >>> breaking news, as bart union workers walk off the job. right now they're all rallying in front of oakland city hall. how the morning commute was impacted by the bart strike. we're watching the freeways and bridges as more commuters use their own cars to get to work. good afternoon. we begin with today's breaking news on the bart strike. we'll begin with the latest ever since bart union workers announced a strike was on late last night, just before their contract ran out at midnight. so far there are no scheduled talks for today. the last minute strike decision left commuters scrambling to find alternatives early this morning. we have team coverage of the bart strike. we're tracking traffic conditions and commute alternatives including ac transit and ferries. we'll begin with what bart union workers are doing right now. alex savage is live in oakland where the members are gathering. >> reporter: right. several thousand union workers are set to rally here. these are both striking bart workers and city of oakland employees who are also holding a one-day strike today. this
news came shortly after midnight. bart is on strike. and 400,000 people need to find another way to get to work and around. we have team coverage ahead. >>> the commute is jammed and now there is a crash making things even worse. >>> the bart strike has many bay area commuters looking for another way. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us monday morning, first day of july i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. >> we begin with breaking news. bart workers on r on strike. and now 400,000 bart riders need to find another way to get around. ktvu alex savidge begins our team coverage this morning. alex is in san francisco where some bart workers are walking the picket line. alex. >> reporter: they are. they have been out here for the last couple of hours this morning. striking bart workers tell me they really feel sorry for commuters it had to come to this. they said they had no other choice. i want to show you the scene. you can see a group of about a dozen or so striking bart workers. union employees with picket signs standing here outside of the civic center bart station
. >> jammed freeways, packed ferries, the bart strike is on. >> what do we want? >> a contract. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> after hours of backups, the bay area recovers only to get ready for another epic commute this afternoon. >> it's not good. they don't know the impact they're putting on everybody. >> well, good afternoon, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm brian hackney in today for michelle griego. a commute nightmare this morning and this could be only the beginning. thousands of cars bumper-to- bumper inching forward just trying to get to work this morning. take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. usually at this hour of the day things are moving smoothly. there's something of a you about. the bart strike intensifies this afternoon. there's something of a backup. >> there is a rally outside oakland city hall. cate caugiran just spoke with union representatives from both rallies. cate? >> reporter: unfortunately, we still don't know as far as bart is concerned when negotiations will resume but right now they are coming together -- the different unions that are striking h
>> bart is on strike. we have team coverage ahead. >>> traffic is already beginning to show signs of unusually heavy traffic in some spots. we'll let you know where. >>> the first bus has arrived in walnut creek. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us. it is monday, july 1st i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. >> we begin with breaking news this morning. the entire bart system shut down and the transit system's first strike since 1997. 400,000 bart riders need to find a way to get around. the official announcement came right after midnight. the moment their contract ran out. workers walked out of the negotiations and announced they would be on the picket lines instead of at the bart trains and stations this morning. this comes several weeks after intense negotiations. but in the end they could only agree they are nearly far say part. >> we want the public to urge the bart board of directors to get us back to the table and back to work and do serious, serious bargaining. not the kind of surface bargaining they have been doing since may 13th. >> it doesn't do any
. tonight we are going to strike. >> bart workers are officially on strike. bart trains will not run after last minute negotiations fell apart between the transit agency and the unions. abc7 news is starting half an hour early to hope you get through the first strike since 1997. >> that was a six-day strike and it was not pleasant. we have reporters covering the impact on the commute. it could be a slow and difficult commute. leyla gulen is keeping an eye on the highways and transit. >> good morning to you at home. right now we are looking at quiet conditions. of course, bart is on strike. no bart service will be available. the good news is a.c. transit not striking as far as we know. you can use that to get around. a lot of people are taking different types of transportation using scar pooling and a few added car pool locations. san francisco ferry is add additional routes and ferries. we are construction westbound side of the bay bridge with lanes blocked and cones are being picked up in anticipation of heavy traffic. along the eastbound, northbound side of 880 at a street and marine tha
edition to get you through this morning commute as bart workers strike. >>> let's get a check of traffic at 4:00 a.m.. >> that's right. it will be a little flexible with workers schedules today. let's get a check of what it looks like on the roads. it's 4:01 this morning. some areas of overnight roadwork. this is a great night to head out. you can see mostly green and along the peninsula. i want to mention a couple of things. system wide no service. ac transit are not on strike. they will offer extra between downtown oakland and san francisco. we are live at bart headquarters. good morning, kate. >> reporter: good morning. we are looking at one of the biggest traffic nightmares here in the bay area after both sides claim that each gave up just hours ago. [ chanting ] >> reporter: picketers were here all night. union and bart management say both sides couldn't find common ground on the major issues, salary, pension, health care and safety. it means the only thing they could agree on was not to let the commuters offer the consequences. >> we apologize for the lack of citizenship and boar
>>> commuters waking up to a worst-case snacenario. b.a.r.t. workers announced they are on strike. >> and here is a live look at 880 in oakland. if you are getting ready to hit the road, prepare for a much rougher ride into work. good morning, thanks for being with us. it's 5:30. i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> >> i'm laura garcia cannon. the first b.a.r.t. strike since 1997. we are live in oakland where riders are looking for new ways to get into work. and in fremont, where there is a special bus bridge in place. we start with mike inouye who is keeping a close eye on the roads this morning. >> we are looking at things like the bay bridge toll plaza. this is typically what it looked like a half hour from now, 6:00. so the cash lanes backed up past the end of the parking lot. our chopper, let's see if they have a shot for us. maybe not. but there you go with the big backup for these cash lanes going back. and fast track lane still a big advantage for you. no metering lights yet. but we expect to see those turned on early because of the volume of traffic to the bay bridge. l
? >> members are here outside the station picketing. they will picket at a variety of stations across the bart system. they will strike in five-hour shifts starting at midnight when the strike was called. negotiations were tough. both sides were far apart from the beginning of the talks. despite some movement from both sides and despite a physical move from bart headquarters, more neutral ground in caltrain the negotiators walked away at 8 ok last plight and announced a strike at midnight. the sticking point? same as from the beginning: wages and safety and medical attention. bart came up on the wages but it was not good enough. >> we did everything we could to try and negotiate a contract with management to prevent this action. unfortunately the district from day one never bargained fairly, never came to the table addressing our serious concerns of health and safety of work man's compensation program to protect our members injured on the job. >> bart was disappointed the unions left the talks and feels they put a good offer on the table and is asking the mediator to resume talks but no one is
at 6:00, day two of the bart strike and you can see it is even more jammed than yesterday in the cash-paying lanes as folks try to get to work without bart. >> we have complete coverage of all the things that have to do with bart and, also, this wildfire that is burning in arizona with other news beside the bart strike bringing you that, as well, with the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza in cash-paying lanes and fast track lanes, as well. >> look at map. you can see there are pockets of red building in various areas of the bay area and we will focus, now, on the biggest, westbound 580 at flynn road where we still have one lane blocked because of an early car fire at 13 miles per hour for the top speed, a long drive if you make it in the westbound direction. i will show you how long in a moment. a couple of cars were driving at a high rate and one overturned. the lanes are blocked off. i spoke too soon when i said the drive between dublin and castro valley was okay, but a car accident involving a big rig and westbound 580, we are down to 59 miles per hour so slow going i
in with ben throughout the newscast. >>> happening now, a worker's rally began in san francisco at the bart station and striking oakland city workers are expected to join. we are live at the event. ktvu's david stevenson is there as well watching and listening to what is being said. he will have a report coming up at 5:30 p.m. >>> while that rally is going on in san francisco, little action with negotiations ktvu's ken pritchett is trying to find out why there haven't been face to face negotiations. ken, what is going on. >> reporter: outside the caltrans building. this is neutral ground last night when bart and union representatives met before the talks broke down before the strike. if they meet again they will meet at this location. both sides blame the other sides. >> reporter: it was not just the rank and file of bart union workers attending this rally. the negotiators were here too. a sign no one was at the table. >> i gather talks have been suspected. >> she said at noon today she heard nothing from bart leadership in 12 hours, since the latest offer that included a raise. >> $1 a hea
between b.a.r.t. and its labor unions. business reporter scott mcgrew joins us live in the newsroom with an in depth look at what b.a.r.t. workers want and how far b.a.r.t. is willing to go to get trains running again. >> good morning to you. the two sides are not meeting this morning, so unless there is some sort of back channel activity that we are not seeing, there is no negotiation currently to report on. talks broke down last night, as you might expect, it's over money. workers have gone without a raise for five years. now, with the rate of inflation, they now make significantly less than they used to, even if their paycheck has never changed. b.a.r.t. offering a raise, 8%. but workers want one three times that big. b.a.r.t. would also like employees to start contributing to their own pensions. right now employees pay nothing. and health care certainly an issue. b.a.r.t. employees pay a little less than $100 a month with rising cost of health care management would like them to pay more. >>> now, laura and marla, it's not as if b.a.r.t. doesn't have the money to meet these deman
is headed eastbound on the bay bridge. bart workers are on strike so trains will not run today. >> that is right. they have renewed contract talks that fell apart over the weekend between bart and the unions but i am marveling we can see the traveling live report as dick drives away the bay area. it is heavier than normal in both directions with reporters covering the impact on the commute across bay area. leyla gulen has a look at what is going on. >> we have a brand new accident reported in san francisco but before we get to that we will look at the other bridges around the bay area, the cartinez and benicia bridge both at top speed. 67 miles per hour and 70 miles per hour is too fast but it does not appear anything is affected. the richmond and san rafael bridge is clear in both directions at 57 miles per hour getting you define -- define richmond and the north bay. good conditions but for san francisco where we have a new accident at northbound 101, a crash is blocking two lanes with a little bit of slowing southbound. northbound side, though, is still fine. the 280 extensi
>>> try to avert a bart strike. time is ticking. and we are hours away from the deadline. >> that's not the only strike for commuters. the possible second blow they could face. >> a heat warning. and this hot weather is bringing high fire danger to one popular destination. >> a record crowd turned out for this year's pride parade. why so many felt a need to be part of history. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> goodly evening. i'm ken wayne. >> good evening. union workers set to strike at midnight. unless of course a new contract has reached. negotiations resumed a new time ago bringing new hope bart's new strike in 16 years will be averted. we have team coverage for you tonight including options for commuters in the event of a strike. we begin with ken with the latest on negotiations. >> reporter: this has been a day of changed locations waiting for these negotiations to begin. representatives of bart and unions are inside the cal trans building here. they arrived here about 3:30 this afternoon to resume those talks. and j
>> announcer: abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >>> b.a.r.t. train service is shut down today as two of its largest services go on strike. hundreds of thousands of other workers had to find a way to work. the traffic stretched for miles coming into san francisco. >>> and here's what it was like driving in that backup. our engineer dick epstein used cell 7 technology to show us this driver's eye view on abc news. very crowded getting to the metering lights on the bay bridge. >>> commuters who didn't drive faced long lines for shutless. more than 100 people were waiting for all the buses to arrive. good morning. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm christ continue. it's not what commuters want to hear. there are no contract talks scheduled between b.a.r.t. and its union. >> heather and kornell and traffic reporter leyla gulen. >> any movement at all, heather? >> no, i'm he afraid not on the talks, anyway, kristen. the picketers are circling the block at 8th and oak. these are seiu and atu members in purple, both in purple out here at lake marit as they have been si
'm cate caugiran live in oakland. bart negotiations are at a halt when both sides could not reach the midnight deadline. more on the commuter traffic and mayhem that will happen this morning. >> i'm sue kwon at the dublin- pleasanton bart station. i'll tell you why you need one of these for your commute to and from the city today. more on how to catch a shuttle coming up. >> and in addition to really big delays already over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we now have a new accident in the commute direction. it's in crockett. we'll let you know more coming up. >> it could get even a little bit hotter. when will we cool things down? we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right, thank you, lawrence. good morning, everybody. it's monday, july 1. and i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm brian hackney in for michelle. time is straight up 6:00. we hoped for the best but it's good if you are prepared for the worst. bart is on strike this monday morning. bart workers set up picket lines at midnight. the walkout means bart trains are not running today. ac transit is not on strike this morning. its wo
news reporters are covering the bart strike. transportation reporter. heather? >> we are outside the bart station with a total of two bart commuter whose have shown up unaware a strike had begun but they figured it out greeted by pickets. a firm supervisor is among the picketers. some started at midnight when the strike was called. negotiations were not looking good last week, a move from the bart headquarters willing to neutral ground didding in to improve the situation and negotiators walked away at 8:30 saying they were at an impasse over the same issues from the beginning. the wages, medical, pension and consumer safety commission is the top issue for the union workers. ken is a strike captain out here. >> a couple of years ago in south hayward a guy was beat to a bloody pull be with blood all over the inside and they had to have a crime scene team clean up the booth. they have done nothing and they don't feel safer. >> are you advised? what are your thoughts? >> there was a high probability so i am not surprised. >> when you saw the pickets, what happened? >> disappointed bu
to the looming bart strike. here is the latest. workers have given their 72 hour notice saying if a contract is not reached before sunday night they will walk off the job monday morning. they have tried to avoid the strike. both sides are on a break right now. nay will resume talks in just about a half hour. we begin with christien kafton on the efforts being done on both sides to avoid that monday morning strike. >> reporter: yeah, i just spoke with a representative from bart management. bart managers have agreed to a lot of the provisions put forth. as you said, both sides on a break, set to meet at 6:30. this after a day of trading accusations that the other side was stalling. closer than ever to a strike. >> it's extremely likely there will be a strike because the other side has not significantly changed its offer in the last month. >> reporter: this afternoon bart union workers called a breeze news conference saying bart managers failed to show up this morning. >> we're here ready to go. we want to know district, where are you? >> reporter: minutes later bart spokesman rick rice said ma
and clear. >> don't expect the bart strike to end soon. while you slept bart and the unions made no movement toward a new contract our transportation reporter is at the lake merritt station in oakland. heather? >> heather: we are taking a hit but the workers, the union workers, say it is worth it in the long run. they are apologizing today to the commuters. the pickets are wearing a groove in the concrete. they have been at it for 28 1/2 hours. like yesterday, the same theme is unfolding at a dozen bay area locations picketing and rallying is all that was happening yesterday with each waiting for the other to make a move. the unions say they need a better offer to get back to the table. the transit union a.t.u. met with the lawyers preparing a response to bart's last offer which was from saturday. bart's negotiating team went home at 7:00 last night saying it is just waiting for the union response. no talks materialized yesterday but nothing is scheduled today, either, and the district said there is plenty of room for movement because neither side submitted the last, best, and final office.
>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> day two of the bart strike. still no sign of the transit age and the would beers getting closer to a deal. this morning's commute was more crowd than monday as more hopped into their cars. >> the commuters who did not drive packed on buses and ferries. hundreds were shoulder to shoulder on the ferry and so many decided to ride the bus provided by bart that the service had trouble keeping up with demand. >> good morning, bay area commuters are not finding it easier to cope with the second day of living without bart service. for many, the morning was harder. >> we have team coverage following negotiations with laying monitoring traffic. we have heather at the late station, any sign the two sides are talking? >> no signs. just a lost picket signs. no signs of talking, nothing planned scheduled for today but the unions are meeting with themselves internally today both of saying they are waiting for the other to make the right move to get them back to the table but it is not clear what the move is. each union is meeting on its own
tonight and the first pitch is just minutes away. on a typical night, thousands of fans would use bart to get to and from the coliseum. but, let's begin with pritchett, he's live at the caltrans building where bart and its unions returning to its bargaining table within just the past hour. >> reporter: there is certainly some news tonight not just of bart negotiating with the major unions, there is been an agreement reached between bart and one of the smaller unions involved in the labor dispute. which will represents professional staff and supervisors, these are mainly middle managers bart tells me and this union, was the first to reach a deal with the labor dispute back in 2009. the main negotiation between the major unions involved are taking place right now. fciu and itau. we did see some of the members of the unions and bart walking into this building just before 6:00. that's when these talks resume. here is one of the members ex op michl as they return into the unions. it was the arrival of the two nh levelled state mediators sent here by the governor. the talks broke down betwee
sides urging them to continue talks. meanwhile the strike will go on today as planned. bart officials plan to tack. >>> bart plans to add more free buses for compute commuters today. let's two to the walnut creek bart station. bart is extending buses today to make up for yesterday's short supply. buss will take passengers into san francisco between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and return to the east bay at night. tickets handed out on a first come, first serve basis. >>> a san francisco ferry is seeing double. >>> we have seen long lines at the ferry term thats buts is -- how far parking is an issue. >> people are getting here a lot earlier trying to a -- because parking is limited. and that is a limitation that there is little we can do about. >> san francisco bay ferry normally sees 6,000 commuters a day. during the bart strike it's been closer to 19,000. you can see the anthony lines the aal. still as we begin day three of the bart strike, commuters are losing their patience. >> i'm frustrated. i'm waking up way earlier than i need to usually. and i'm not productive at work be
misinformation. >> this morning, bart contract talks are going nowhere fast. both sides are waiting for the other to make the next move. caught in the middle are hundreds of thousands of bart riders. good morning, at 5:00 on day two of the bart strike. thanks for turning to us for information. >> if addition to extra cars on the road because of the bart strike it will be hot out there and that could be a problem. leyla gulen? >> thanks so were. we have plenty of folks on the road getting a nice early start because of the bart strike. it is starting to come to a grinding halt over the altamont pass westbound 580 at not flynn road, we could have done without this, a car fire blocking two lanes and it is catching the hillside on fire. we down to 7 miles per hour out of tracy at 46 minutes, 15 minutes have been tacked on to the ride from tracy to dublin. 37 miles per hour from antioch and picking up in pittsburg and the dumbarton and san mateo bridge, all at to the speed. >> it is day two of the bart strike which is not only trying everyone's patience but it is siphoning millions from the local econo
. it's already busy. i think the adjustment is being made as day number three of the bart strike continues. more people on the road early. it does look okay heading out to the high-rise. no major problems by the way on the bay bridge. it's 5:00. let's go back to the desk. >>> right now bart and striking unions are taking a break before they return to the bargaining table this afternoon. they met for nearly nine hours overnight and tara moriarty is live for us in oakland where the talks wrapped up a little more than two hours ago. >> reporter: we have signs of progress but still no details because neither side is really allowed to say exactly what happened in there. we're here at cal tran headquarters. we have been here around the clock waiting for word. this is neural ground. this happened around nine hours. they were obviously tired. we saw no sign of bart officials. [ inaudible ] the first represents of sciu made their way in around 6:00 last night. and half hour later the bart team showed up. here's what a union rep had to say after negotiations wrapped. >> here's our only com
at coliseum but will fans who rely on bart to get there be able to get to the game? >> fireworks show or game and a lot of folks will be trying to go. it will be rough. >> fireworks -- trying to get to work is a blast. and not a good one. >> it is not a blast. on treasure island, we have a report of a stalled vehicle traveling along westbound bay bridge at treasure island we have a stalled car blocking one lane so we could have done without that and we have an accident in fremont southbound long 680 blocking one lane and it sounds like there are injuries involved and you are looking at slowing southbound 680 coming from the sunol grade to fremont so we will rack that. i will show you the san mateo bridge with more traffic but it is moving. there are quite a few extra cars from hayward to foster city. >> day three of the bart strike. the negotiations are in a "pause" after a marathon session that lasted until almost 3:00 a.m. >> the workers do not hear what going on with the negotiations so we rushed over here to tell them what happened overnight and they say they think it is a good sign. we s
and on twitter. >> good morning, our other top story today, day three of the bart strike and, finally, some progress. unions and the transit agency are scheduled to head back to the bargaining table in two hours. they resumed talks at 6:00 p.m. which ended before 3:00 this morning but this is no deal yet. the trains are not rolling yet and that meant another crowded commute this morning. >> and the bart commuters are frazzled trying to get anywhere. >> more maybes and gridlock on the bridge. >> actually, i never thought i would say this, but, finally, some good news. traffic has opened up with a slight delay in the cash-paying lanes. the commute started earlier and far worse than monday and tuesday with gridlock, frustration and many drivers angry about the bart strike. wednesday's commute to the bay bridge was terrible. a massive backup. some drivers sat in their cars for hours from places like antioch. one commuter showed his frustration this way, others were not as subtle. c.h.p. has extra officers looking for carpool lane violators and found many. >> you cannot ride solo. >> all the way
union officials announcing that bart workers are striking this morning-- leaving hundreds of *thousands of bay area commuters to find another way to get around. we have team coverage of the strike. good morning, im anny hong. and i'm james fletcher. we are expecting a rough monday morning commute, with bart and their union workers not being able to come to an agreement before their contracts expired at midnight, let's start in the traffic center with george rask. we continue team coverage of the bart strike this morning. kron four's mike pelton is live at the north berkeley bart station with more, hi mike. >> gary: >> gary: >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. kron four was at a press conference last night. here is what bart >>anny: thanks the james. coming up on the kron4 morning news. and look more on our top stories including at the bart strike this morning. the live look outside at our mount tam up camera. bay bridges already piling up. at golden gate bridge looks fine and san te'o bridge for now. keep in mind, bart will run for east bay buses but they can only carr
problema. >>> y nos vemos el domingo que . >> los trabajadores del bart (bay area rapid transit) pueden comenzzar una huelga. >> un incendio acabo con la vida de 19 bomberos en arizona . >> (♪ ♪ )., >> saludois buenos días bienbv a noticias san francisco fin de semana. >> los trabajadores de bart (bay area rapid transit) no llegaro na un acyuerdo todo parece ir a una huelga, estamos en oakland dónde ambas partes hicieron ver sus comisiónes. >> una rápida conferencvia de prensa en oakland dicenq se van a sentar para tener una solución si no una huelga de bart (bay area rapid transit) puede aparecer. >> (hablan en inglés) . >> los trabajadores abanbdonaron la porpuesta porque dicen que no hay nad anuevo. >>r estamops decepcionados la administracuonb no tiene nuevas propuestas para nosotros . >> pero también nos avisaron que no tendrán nada para nosotros esta noche . >> pero desde el bart (bay area rapid transit) dicen que una nueva oropuesrta no es aceptada. >> pedimsod isculpas si los mimebros eligen una ruta. >> los trabajadores de bart (bay area rapid transit) dic
. >> commuters are waking up to a worst case scenario. less than five hours ago, b.a.r.t. workers announce, they are on strike. >> right now we take outside to give you a live look it at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you're getting ready to hit the road, prepare for a very rough ride into work. right now it doesn't look too bad, but, again, it's only 4:30. good morning, i'm marla tellez in for jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. we have coverage of the first strike since 1997 under way. it could be an ugly commute today. >> it could be. we're counting on hopefully light lighter, some folks have taken time off. going to send thousands of people on to the road. this is oakland over my shoulder and a live look over here toward our maze, emeryville and the berkeley curve, a lot more traffic flow today. the reason why, let's outline on the maps here. as we look toward the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems now. but with the b.a.r.t. lines out of service right now, what we're going to have these folks hitting the roadway, or at least a lot of them. and they funnel to the single choke point a
there is a tap on the brakes to concord. bart is not serving because they are still striking but a.c. transit is on a holiday schedule with muni and adding a few extra buses to benefit up the service. i can show you the maze or the golden gate bridge or bay bridge, there is the maze over to 580 without a hitch. >> day four of the bart strike and negotiations will resume at 11:00 and amy hollyfield will continue. in a new interview with the "san francisco chronicle", bart general manager says negotiations could take time. and the general manager talked of her workers saying and i quote, "i have great employees and they are doing a great job and they care about the extraing public. at the same time, i think it hadn't sunk in with them that the bay area has suffered considerably over this period of time." we asked the strike captain about her comments we are out as lock as it takes. she is going home to sleep at might and we are out here as long as it takes. that is the difference between us and her. workers do not know how the negotiations are going they are not briefed. they are glad to see bo
to get you from emeryville to san francisco. >> it is day two of the bart strike which is having a big impact on our economy and our sanity. our transportation reporter continues coverage. >> i spoke with the strike captain at the bart station and he says nothing has changed overnight. they have started chanting for the cameras. yesterday, bart said they would not describe where we are in the negotiations as an impasse but it felt like it. pickets are across the bart system picketing yesterday all day long on 24 hour shifts. talks were scheduled -- no talks were scheduled and no talks materialized. if the mediators were at work, it was behind the scenes and nothing something either talked about the unions called bart's last offer on sunday insulting saying it would take a better package to get them back to the table. bart says there is room for moment with neither side submitting a last, best, and final office -- officer. we need a discussion on the differences between our proposal and their proposal. >> we left the propose proposal on senator evening and they expected a response. they
the last hour development tt could prevent a strike. weat >>> bart's largest union says they are walk ever walking out. the last hour development tho could prevent the strike. >>> and we have hot times in the city. we are going to be up to more than 100 degrees inland today and it looks like the heat wave will be extended through the end of the week. we'll have the details in a few minutes. >>> with pride parade kicking off in just hours, gay marriage opponents make a move that could threaten the celebration. >> thank you for joining us. >> we have a lot to talk about in our next hour. we are going to be talking about the gay agenda, where it goes from here. it's going to get controversial in california. >> we are also going to hear from the heat of the metropolitan trans-foration commission. it's looking more and more likely there is a chance a bart strike could be averted. we have more on that coming up, but the other top story is the weather. no end in sight. >>> well, the end is coming. now it looks like the temperatures in excess of 100 degrees will last through thu
workday on monday. bart unions have given notice now that they may go on strike monday morning. their contract ends at 11:59 sunday night and right now, they don't appear any closer to reaching a deal with management management. oakland, city parks, libraries and other services will be affected by the strike. city workers are upset about what they say are dishonest budget numbers from city hall. morethan in just a moment. but first, our ryan takeo is in oakland with what's keeping bart unions and management from reaching that agreement. >> reporter: there's been public talk but no movement. earlier this morning at about 11:00, both sides were scheduled to meet but so far they have not. >> reporter: they are not messing around. last night the unions gave bart and riders 72 hours' notice of a potential strike just in time for monday morning's commute. but a strike isn't a sure thing. >> management's position is we are going to continue to negotiate to keep the trains rolling. >> reporter: both sides say an agreement is possible this weekend but so far today there has not been any
breaking news. day two of the bart workers strike. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where cash lines just starting to form. we expect to see more of the same today. >> we are looking live at that golden gate bridge. you can see fog as traffic at this point flowing smoothly right there. you can expect ferries to be packed up all day long. brace yourselves and be warned. it is 4:30 right now. thanks a lot for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we are talking about bart strikes for the second day in a row. we are not looking at heavy traffic right now. things are still very light approaching the toll plaza. we have one accident at 92 and 880 right at the connecter. otherwise it looks like traffic is still flowing smoothly. lots of green on the map. we are just getting started. we will cep you posted with more traffic updates. >> anthony will be eating wheaties and drinking gatorade trying to keep up. bart workers on strike for a second day in a row. both sides have not missed. >> commuters trying to get around yesterday as union workerers protested
makovec. we begin with team coverage on day 2 of the bart strike. at this point, no negotiations are scheduled between bart and striking unions. it does look like some moves are being made behind the scenes, though. kpix 5's cate caugiran live at the lake merritt bart station. what are you hearing? >> well, anne, we spoke with both sides bart and the unions. bart has reached out to the unions to try to set up another meeting and bart says that they are confident they can try to get things going again hopefully sometime today but meanwhile take a look at this right now. the union workers are still here trying to remind people of their message. >> we're frustrated. we don't want to have this disruption going on. bart left us no choice. >> the emotion that you hear is basically, you know, the venting of our members feeling that they're unappreciated. >> what do we want? >> fair contract! >> reporter: the two sides are still very divided. >> we think the strike was unnecessary. we want to get our employees back. we want to get the trains going. we want to come up with a contract th
but now back to you in the studio. >>> we do finally have hopeful news about the bart strike. contract talks will resume in less than an hour from now. ken is in oakland tonight with what they are saying and the surprise guest who showed up this afternoon. >> let me first set the stage. we are at the caltrans building here -- in oakland -- it is a state building. in less than an hour bart will be here at the table to talk for the first time since this strike began. for the unions they said they will be returning to the table and they have a surprise guest on the picket line. >> joining the mix of union workers was bart board director james. >> management has to show respect for the things labor has done and they do need to get a working fair wage. >> he is an elected official who doesn't negotiate for bart but his appearance was a coup for the union -- he came just after the union said they will return to the bargaining table. >> we are relieved that we get to go back and bargaining -- we hope we will see a substantial higher offer than the last offer we seen. >> she says the previous
the bart strike moving into day three. frustration hunting. the late night development that is giving some hope this morning. >>> good morning. the morning commute is getting worse. the places you want to watch out for straight ahead. >>> and commuters got up early here in walnut creek. i will tell you why so far the process is going pretty smoothly. >>> good morning, to you. welcome to the ktvu morning news wednesday, july 3rd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. we begin with our top story. continuing coverage of the bart strike. we want to give you a live look at the commute. kicking into high gear. on the left side of your screen there are pictures of the ferry terminal in alameda as one of the boats gets on its way. the on the right side of the screen there is the bart station in fremont and you can see workers out there are getting people on shuttle becauses that are headed into the city. we've been on since 4:00 this morning. we have seen the traffic getting busier while the lines for special bart buses and bay area ferries are getting long a
plaza. here is more. >>> it is also day four of the bart strike, talks broke after a marathon bargaining session, tara moriarty joins us for more, tara? >> reporter: those talks lasted for ten hours and both sides stopped for dinner but it was a marathon here. now bart and the striking union failed to reach an agreement and they enderred -- ended talks and the two sides will meet again at 11:00 -- at 11:00 this morning. they expressed optimism but she had little to say as she left negotiations last night. >> we are working very hard with the mediator and we will be back here tomorrow morning very early. now meanwhile bart's board of director will meet for a special closed session and they are also meeting sometime before talks resume. also last night, they sent out a press release and said trains would not be running on this holiday and it caused such a tremendous disruption to the people of the bay area. coming up, we will talk more about the sticking points of this contract of what they are. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> meanwhile bartz's board of directors
in a phone call to bart management. they say they have no movement. i've also put in a call to union workers. they say they haven't heard from anyone. both sides say they're waiting for the other one to come in and say hey, let's negotiate. and no one is doing it right now. it's an eerie feeling right now. you see that the doors are closed here at bart. there was a huge rally outside the city hall this afternoon. a rally was held with city workers. they are both on strike as everyone knows. the bart walkout is p over wages and benefits. they're asking for a 4.5% raise. bart employees don't have to pay for pensions. management would like to change that. >> ar they give was a break down of the 8.5%, which turns out to be $1 per year for a raise. $1 per year for each member. that is not sufficient. >> there's more to it than that for most employees. >> reporter: so the trains you see here are somewhere parked in a yard, waiting for commuters to get on. and commuters are struggling right now to get home. now the last time there was a bart strike was back in 1997. those who lived it may remember
with continuing coverage of the bart strike. first the impact right now on the evening commute. this is a live look at traffic approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge, we have been monitorering the commute here, it is extremely slow throughout the evening. it appears that it is beginning to ease some. looks like many workers drive into the city today, of course, bart trains were not running. take a look at this picture, it is a live look of what's happening on interstate 80. take a look now, traffic is moving along very well tonight. we see the traffic on the right hand side of the screen moving and folks on the left side heading towards the bridge, wow, good going in both directions. tonight we tell you that it does not appear to be any signs of agreement. that is of course all the bart trains are parked this even. nothing is moving. here is a look at the dozen of s currently parked at the bart station. all of barts and nearly 700 trains are at standstill. so far there is no schedule or indication when it will resume. when there is a substantial proposal from bart's management. bart says
passengers from four different bart stations in the east bay. they are the el cerrito - del norte, the walnut creek, pleasanton, and fremont bart stations. the buses will then take passengers to the west oakland bart station to board another bus. however, passengers can not start their trip at the west oakland bart station. passengers will be dropped off at the transbay terminal in san francisco, which is also where the evening commute pick up will be. the evening commute service will run from three -to- seven p-m. but keep this in mind.bart officials say the buses can transport only about four- thousand people. about one per-cent of barts daily ridership. and commuters who already use the ferry service can expect boats to be at full capacity, especially during peak commute times. the san francisco bay ferry service will add three additional boats to their fleet. that will allow them to carry 30-thousand additional passengers per ♪ [ roars ] ♪ ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ male announcer ] universal studios summer of survival. ♪ but when it comes to what your family really loves, yo
>>> bart workers announced they will go on strike monday if they can't iron things out with bart. what it means for passengers. >>> a heat wave taking aim on  the bay area this weekend. where there will be triple digit temperatures today. >>> police say that have captured a phony cop. what he was doing just before his arrest. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. june 28th i'm pam cook. >> it's a friday. good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check your weather and traffic. we are going to steve first. we don't need a jacket or sweater. >> parts of the coast. but inland no. there will be a big difference in some of the temps. some of that fog can be down right cold. there is a little bit but inland fetches it won't matter. 90s and 100s. here is sal. >>> steve, northbound 101 that doesn't look bad driving up to the santa clara valley. also the morning commute looks good on westbound 24 between walnut creek and oakland. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are beginning with developing news. bart unions issued an offic
. >> -- monday, we will be on strike. [ cheers ] >> the bay area is already fasting a possible bart strike monday morning and now union workers with the city of oakland say they, too, will be on strike. >>> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >>> first, though, we begin with breaking news, also involving bart. trains are not stopping at the el cerrito plaza station because of police activity. we are getting reports of a shooting at the station. so bart trains are still operating right now but again they are not stopping at the el cerrito plaza station, passing through the station, we have a crew on the way and well bring you more information on the story before the end of this newscast. >>> now back to oakland, where workers say the city is using dishonest budget numbers to underestimate revenue. so they are calling for a one day general strike on monday. union leaders held a news conference today in front of city hall. they say employees want a small cost of living increase and the city has refused to enact budget reforms. hundreds of workers plan to picket at the plaza and other locations monda
with the bart strike. there have been no new negotiations today between the especially the two -- agencies and the two unions that walked out. we have a team of reporters covering the story from the negotiations to the headaches commuters are dealing with. first we begin with ktvu's sal castaneda in the traffic center. >> reporter: it is improving. a lot of people this afternoon started leaving very early. what is not good is we saw our photographer ben cruz driving on city streets trying to get to the bridge. what has improved. north bound 101 the slow traffic begins aroundverment street. that is not -- aroundverment street. that is not bad. -- around vermont street. that is not as bad. the heaviest commute this afternoon was in the 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. hour. one last thing i want to mention, this morning's commute was very slow. we are expecting the same thing tomorrow. got slow at 5:30. >> thank you. for those hoping for commute relief tomorrow, there are no signs to end the strike. ktvu's ken pritchett is monitoring the situations. any word from either side on whether there are talks
to say. >> bart service. >> reporter: bart director standing alongside bart workers this afternoon with a message. >> i'm kind of getting tired of he said, she said, we need to get the trains rolling. >> reporter: that message is something that bart riders who have been inconvenienced for two days want to hear. >> it's causing a conflict for 400,000 plus people, but i can't really blame anybody, because it's everybody trying to get what they think they fatherly deserve. >> reporter: bart workers want better wangs, benefits, and they are concerned about safety. meanwhile, ac transit buses in oakland heading to san francisco were packed with people even before it arrived to pick them up at 20th and broadway. >> they keep changing the time, adding more minutes every time. it's ridiculous. it's hot out and everything. everybody's waiting. >> you ain't got no choice. either you go to work or you don't. you got to earn your money. you got to pay your bills. >> reporter: the same frustration is happening across the bay. >> it's inconvenient. we thought about getting a reb tal car, but we
onramps. 45 minutes to get what 3 or 4 blocks team coverage tonight. on day one of the bart strike. kron 4's j-r stone is live at the transbay terminal in san francisco. dan kerman has a look at traffic heading to the bay bridge. we begin our coverage with kron 4's charles clifford. he's live at the san francisco ferry terminal. where people are about to catch the last ferry home. >> i'm sitting next to gate e which is the main terminal for fare is to go back from oakland and alum media there are a couple of hundred of people love for the last ferries. >> monday morning san francisco bay ferry more than triple its normal ryder ship appeared >> the transit agency is adjusting accordingly. >> normally they run eight vessels a day but today they are running 11 ferries due to the bart strike. >> by monday evening long lines of people waited in line. many of these were taking bart home on other days to for the strike. >>a number of extra ferries extra travelers. live at the ferry terminal people are about to catch the last ferry home. chuck is live-live remote kron 4's j-r stone is live at the
on the talk between bart and the union. the latest on the toll gate bridge. and the shooting at the theater in oakland and now we hear from the police chief. >>> i'm tori campbell. union workers rallying and commuters left scrambling. we're following all angles. today, there were long lines at the ferries, ac transit stops and, of course, the bay bridge toll plas a sal castaneda just talked to both sides. any ideas, sal? >> reporter: there's several different ways, and so far, no new talks have been scheduled. it appears that the public sentiment may be getting back. since talks broke down sunday night, there have been no new bargaining sessions. today, bart told us how much this strike is costing the agency. >> in revenue, we lose about a million dollars a day. even though we're saving on labor costs, because our employees aren't getting paid, we're still losing money because of the formula that we're bringing in and paying out. the busses and loans are costing hundreds of dollars a day. but it's providing some service to get into the city. >> reporter: as you know, this commute has been a
at bart headquarters in oakland. any action there yet? >> reporter: well, unfortunately, elizabeth, no, not yet. we are expecting any minute now bart management to show up and speak with us regarding the future of these negotiations and what we can expect today. but we know that things got extremely heated in these discussions. we are looking at traffic tie- ups in the bay area after both sides gave up hours ago. you saw picketers were outside of bart headquarters as two unions walked out of last night's negotiations. union and bart management say both sides could not find common ground on the major issues: salary, pension, healthcare and safety. in fact, it appears the only thing the two groups could agree on in last night's press conference was not to let the commuters suffer the consequences. >> we apologize to the riding public for bart taking into account the impact this strike will have on the bay area. >> let's not make the commuters suffer. this is about bart labor. why make it about the bay area? >> reporter: unfortunately, that is what we're looking at this morning. 400,000
very much. great interview there. right now at 6:32 bart workers on strike. it is day two out there. this morning no deal in the works between bart and union employees. that means no bart trains running anywhere here in the bay area. that means a rough morning commute. this morning expect a jam packed commute on the bay area roads, bridges and ferries especially from people coming in from the east bay. a hub for buses out there chartered by bart. commuters right now being herded on to buses at west oakland bart from four different bart stations. want to give you perspective on this. buses pick commuters up at bart stations. those buses then go to west oakland bart where passengers are then bussed over to the station in san francisco. quite the role. >>> choppers got a live look this morning. this is what commuters are dealing with. looks like that is a bart train that is running. let's get off that shot. they were inspecting lines. no bart trains running, i should say. this is more so what commuters are really facing right now. look at the bay bridge toll plaza approach this morning
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